Fair Rate

M/S Fair Rate Dawa Ltd, keeping it's name justified, is offering medicines to all the end users with a fabulous maximium discount 25%. and this discount is available in all the associated Retail Medicine Shops  of the Company.  The discount is being also availble in online purchase. In the objective that The Company is being distibuting the Medicines keeping in the hand the lowest  margin to facilitiate the End Users who can consume the medicines with a fair rate i.e. maximum, 25% discount.  


100% availabilty of Medicines

 The basic problem of the most of the Medicine Shops is the non availability of all the medicines as provided by the Doctor's in their prescriptions. It is one of the most serious objectives of the Company, to facilitiate the Retail Shops for making complete stock of medicines as per requirement of the locality where the medicine shop situated. This is very much essential for the end users to get the complete medicines at a time, as per the prescriptions written by his / her Doctor's.  


Free Home Delevery of Medicines

The Company, M/S Fair Rate  Dawa Limited is being launched free home delevery system of medicines to the end user. The Customers will make an order to the nearest The Company associated Retail Medicine Shop over Phone or Whats app.  Within 15 minutes a verification call will be made to the Customers, and when the verification call be successful the ordered medicines will be delivered with free of cost to the destination. Only billing amount of medicines wil have to pay to the delevery staff. Expected minimum time of delivery is 2 hours from the time of successful verification.

Online Order


 The Company, M/S Fair Rate  Dawa Limited is being launched free online order & home delevery system of medicines to the end user. The Customers will make an order online.  Within Next working day a verification call will be made to the Customers. When the verification call be successful a bill will be generated. And the ordered medicines will be delivered with free of cost to the destination within next 2 working days after payment of billing amount of medicines online.


Employment opportunity & Assitance

 The Company, M/S Fair Rate  Dawa Limited is being prepared for launching at leaset 5 nos. Wholesale Medical Stores and thereby 50 Nos. Retail Medicine Shops in this financial year. There will be at least two Directors, one Paharmacist , One Casher, One billing operator, two material handling staff, five medicine delivery staff  required in each counter of 55. About 660 staff is required this year, And gradulally it will increase day to day. If 3 year's ptojection be calculated it is seen that at least 2000 employment opportunity be created. Now to make the staff acquinted in all respect for counter selling of medicines, Company has tied up a reputed Management Education Institute at Kolkata, IIM-RD to train the future employees.

Free Medicines Donation Camp


Some critical medcines are not available basically in the remote villages. even if there are lots remote villages where there is no health centres. The Company, M/S Fair Rate  Dawa Limited is being arranged to supply and deliver those medicines to people whose are in need. In this regards Company is being arranged various medicine donation camps in various remote places where the Doctors of general medicines are being cheked the patients and suggesting to provide medicines.


Free Blood Donation Camp

Blood is very much essential for the critical patients. and blood cannot  artificially be created. it's naturally be produced in human body. and it will have to collect from the body of human beings the preserved in a Blood Bank and when a seek patient's body require's blood  from out side it will be supplied from the Blood Bank. M/S fair Rate Dawa Ltd. is being arranged the Blood Donation Camp in different places. 

Free Heart Checkup Camp


 Under process 


Artificial Limbs & Organs Donation Camp

 Under process 

Free Eye Checkup Camp


 Under process 


Free ENT Checkup Camp

 Under process 

Free Pulse Polio Camp


Under process


Free Sugar Checkup Camp

Under Process

Medical Study Assitance to Financially not sound pupil


There are too many meritorious Students, due to their financial crisis cannot continue their higer studies in medical education. they are loosing their talent.  The Company, M/S Fair Rate  Dawa Limited from their Corporate Social Responsibility is being tried to help as much as posiible by way of financial aids,  donation of books, arrangement of educational loan and etc. as per the requirement of the comparetively financially not so sound students. In this Financial year Company has at a target to give free education to the 5% of the candidates are going to take admission in to Certiicate Course of Medicine Trade Training Programme. 


Built up Medical College with Super Speciality Hospital

"The Hospital", a place of heven, where man can get his life back. But most of the hospitals in India are not up to the mark, lots patients are coming daily in the various hospitals in a hope to get cure but due to the environment & negligence, they hardly be cured. If  someone be cured, they are being captured with over billing and etc. One of the most important objective of  the Company, M/S Fair Rate  Dawa Limited is to built up an unique Medical College which must be above the mark of a Super Speciality Hospital. where all the patients be treated with intensive care with a cost as low as possible.